Car Turntables

Since 2004, Weizhong have designed, manufactured and installed numerous motion control turntables for many automotive technical center, such like Nissan North American, Audi China, Mazda China, GM Shanghai etc.

motion control turntable

Technical index          

  • Angle control precision: ±0.2degree
  • Range of speed: 0.2~1.0 rpm
  • Range of control angle: 0~360 degree
  • Range of revolvable angle: unlimited degree


Meanwhile, some automotive photography studios likes to choose our motion control turntables to shoot the cars. Our turntables can be programmed to stop every 10 degrees during a circle. It is a really rapid 360 photography, for example 36 (10 indexing) photographs can be taken within 10 minutes.

car turntable for photograph photography car turntable
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