Revolving Restaurants


Revolving restaurant specification

  1. Diameter: 10 to 60 meters
  2. Load capability: 8 to 120 metric tons
  3. Rotation speed: 35 to 240 minutes per round (various speed control)
  4. Type: Weizhong own Pin-Gear Drive system
  5. Motor power: 0.55 to 3.0KW
  6. Levelness: less than 5mm
  7. Circularity: less than 5mm
  8. Noise: less than 55 (dB)


Three types of Pin-Gear Drive

Horizontal drive Pit drive Vertical drive
Quick Access
Revolving Restaurant
Car Turntable
Truck Turntable
Industrial Turntable
Radar Testing turntable
Revolving Sign
Revolving Stage
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