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Truck and commercial buildings often require a turntable due to limited space and requirement of efficiency. Vehicle turntables can add ease and reduce manpower in warehouses, shopping centers, departments stores, super markets and car parks.

All require a revolving platform in their loading area. These revolving platform provide safer work conditions for employees as well as improving turnaround times for loading and unloading merchandise therefore decreasing company overheads.

TT Model Truck turntable 3D sketch map


Weizhong offers a compete range of size from 9-meter to 24-meter truck turntable and load capability up to 500 metric tons

Concrete top driveway turntable 
Aluminum top garage turntable
Quick Access
Revolving Restaurant
Car Turntable
Truck Turntable
Industrial Turntable
Radar Testing turntable
Revolving Sign
Revolving Stage
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