Antenna Testing Turntables

Antenna Testing Turntables (Radar, EMI, RFI, EMC)

Weizhong has designed, built, and installed numerous turntable-based system for antenna testing. Built for indoor and also fully hot-dipped galvanized for outdoor application. Weizhong can supply the turntables of any size and load capability, in diameter up to 24-meter and capable of accommodating loads weighting up to 100 metric tons.

18-meter antenna testing turntable
The 54th Research Institute of China

8-meter antenna testing turntable
The Partnership for Defense & Security Technology Accelerator

Our own proprietary Pin-Gear Drive system is uniquely suited to the mechanical demands of antenna testing, and translates into insignificant levels of backlash. All our systems can be tailor made to your specifications, and are capable of positioning accuracies to within thousands of a degree.

Weizhong Pin-Gear drive mechanical system

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