• The Pin-Gear Drive mechanism revolving restaurants have smooth turning, reliable operation, long life and minimal wear and tear.
  • Car Turntables are very suitable for display, driveway, garage and automotive technical center.
  • Truck turntables offer a complete range of size from 9-meter to 24-meter and load capability up to 500 metric tons.
  • Weizhong own proprietary Pin-Gear Drive system is uniquely suited to the mechanical demands of antenna testing.
  • Revolving sign provide motion that attracts attention, leads to interest and results in profit.
Weizhong revolving platform

Weizhong was founded in 1991 and now becomes the world's leading manufacturer of turntables.

revolving restaurant
By choosing Weizhong turntables you can be assured of its quality, honesty and reliability.
car turntable
Up until 2012, our turntables have been exported to 30 counties throughout the world.
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